*THE A-LINE BLAZER* Newest member of ACG Basics

Our latest basics release: A simple, clean blazer for every day of the week

This blazer is another one of our pieces that we have worked and reworked for the past several years. We have finally achieved what we set out to: a basic among basics, a warm layer that isn't too casual or too dressy, and can serve a thousand purposes in the modern wardrobe. This piece would make an essential addition to a Capsule Wardrobe. It is so basic that it stands out- simplicity calling subtle attention to itself, a line so perfect it can't be ignored. 

True to our brand, the texture is key here. A sensual, smooth wool that could be worn in any season, more luxurious than most blazers but not as heavy as a peacoat. We left the curved hem raw: keeping the cleanest of lines, and adding just a hint of edge and spunk. The absence of a collar allows the top underneath to shine - not simply covering but *enhancing* the outfit. This is not a jacket to overlook- it is a staple. 

ALSO last week we forgot to blog about another basic release, the Natural Goddess Caftan. The same cut and fabric as the black G.C., but in its undyed, natural color. Everything we wrote about the black caftan applies here, but this one is even more beachy, making you feel like a goddess from a more tropical climate ;)