Click  here  to buy the Goddess Caftan

Click here to buy the Goddess Caftan

The Basics

For ages we have been considering adding our basics to our web shop. I'm not even sure why it took so long- these pieces have sold so well for us in stores it seems obvious to have them online! So we finally got our act together, and are making these staples available to you.

But not all at once! We wanted to present these items to you one at a time, giving you all the information you need about each one, with stories, testimonials, and descriptions of our favorite elements of each garment. It took us a long time to perfect each addition to this collection, so we want to give each handmade garment the attention it deserves. 

On to the Goddess Caftan! 

The Name

The first thing to share with you about this beauty is the name. One of our favorite clients commissioned a custom color of this dress for her to wear to events. The first thing out of her mouth trying it on was, "I feel like a Goddess!" Since that moment we have been casually using that name for this piece, telling customers and friends that this dress makes you feel like a goddess. And it's amazing to see how true it is. To make a woman feel like a GODDESS in our garment is really something special! After a year or two of talking this way about this dress, we finally admitted the obvious fact that this dress has a name, and it is Goddess. 

The Fabric

We initially made our caftans out of a liquid-like modal knit (and still do- you will see our basic knit version soon!) But we really wanted to dress it up a little, and make a more structured, modern version. We chose to use silk noil- a textured raw silk that has a linen-like feel, but with the gentle drape of silk. It breathes better than other forms of silk, so it more suitable for hot weather. And it holds structure better than knit, giving it a more contemporary, art gallery vibe. Another selling point for raw silk- it's washable! The black dye fades slightly, in a similar way to black denim. We love how it takes on those charcoal undertones, and how the bottom raw hem adds an edginess to the look. But if you're a purist, and love your black garments smooth and dark, you can dry clean it! Dry cleaning preserves the depth of color and the original texture of this silk. Think of the difference in dry cleaning vs. machine washing linen- this is very much like that. 

The Cut

Aside from the fabric choice, the cut is the key component of this garment, and the element that has gone through the most evolution. Over the last two years we have tweaked every part of this dress- the armholes, the hem length, the depth of the neckline, everything. After loads of customer feedback, and wearing it ourselves of course, we have finally settled on this rendition. The midi length is perfect for versatility. Worn with bare legs, it is a breezy, sexy summer piece, easily transitioning from the beach to the bar to the bed. But worn with tights or leggings and some boots, this piece is awesome for fall. Some adventurous stylists even wear long sleeves underneath it, but we are still unsure if we like it that way ;)

The armholes on the Goddess Caftan are unique: they are cut on the horizontal, in line with the shoulder seam. Most armholes are cut more or less vertically, in line with the torso. This horizontal line gives the dress a contemporary aesthetic, a flattering shape along the upper arm, and extra room in the bust and torso for added comfort. This dress is flattering on every person we have seen wear it so far! There is just enough sex appeal, and just enough coverage, for many shapes and sizes to look and feel like a goddess.

Up Next

Watch for the Goddess Caftan in Natural coming out next week! The same perfect cut and raw silk as the black, but in an extra Goddess-y undyed cream color. Keep an eye on our Instagram @acg_mpls for the release of all our new basics!