That time went to the Vermont woods and photographed the Split Jacket; By the Chambers-Goldberg family; Micah's photography, Tiffany's talent, Anna's styling. 


While the kids played with Pop-pop and their aunt and uncle, their parents turned into my creative team. Micah is an art director and animator by trade, so he easily stepped into the photography and directing roles. Tiffany has experience with modeling and performance, and is a gosh-darn babe, so that was a no-brainer. And I was happy to be wearing one less hat, styling and creative directing without worrying about also taking all the pictures. 

Walking down the hill into the woods in high heels wasn't easy, but Tiffany can handle anything. As the sun sank, faster than we thought, the light did magical things with the treetops. We almost saw fairies. With Pandora adding her magic to the sounds of the forest, we were vibing. Aside from a too late lunch (because what artist remembers to eat beforehand?) and some technical difficulties with the camera, this shoot was a lovely collaboration. Enjoy!